‘Think Smart — -a neuroscientist’s prescription for improving your brain’s performance’ (III)

This week, we’ll continue with the remaining part of ‘Think Smart — -a neuroscientist’s prescription for improving your brain’s performance’ By Richard Restak

Impediments to optimal brain function:

Ways to lessen the risk for Alzheimer’s disease:

1. Keep working for as long as you can at a challenging job that fully engages all of your talents and abilities. During your leisure hours follow the same principle: take up bridge, or majhong. Get together with skilled Scrabble or poker players. When you’re alone, read or do crossword or sudoku puzzles.

2. Establish and maintain a network of friends and acquaintances, since social isolation and the loneliness that usually accompanies it are significant hazards to healthy brain function.

3. Learn ways to reduce mental stress. Ask yourself, ‘Am I going to allow this experience to determine the course of the rest of my life? Or am I going to take control of my life? What can I learn from this experience?’

Besides, doing exercises like jogging or even walking can reduce stress. Avoid long, uninterrupted periods of work. Take regular breaks that engage your brain in a totally different activity. Also, do something for others.

4. Spend less time watching TV. The more you watch TV, the higher is the risk of cognitive impairment.

5. Use music to elevate your mood. The effect of music is similar to that of food and sex.

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