Eucalyptus Trees and planning for a lifetime

My home has a lovely deck with marvelous views of the mountains to the north and the Eucalyptus forest to the south. Owning a home comes with some attached needs to become a consumer, all of these decisions I never really figured would be necessary are constantly waiting for me now.

Well unless I’m planning to sit on a blanket on the floor of the deck forever, sooner or later I’ll need to decide what sort of furniture to purchase for the lovely deck. Things like what materials it should be made from and who should design it. What size should it be and who should go about building it. The furniture will need to travel through our global economic food chain. The thoughts become overwhelming, and instead of continuing to browse the internet and think about bamboo farms, eucalyptus farms, plastics made from oil and salt, iron mines and the timescales involved in production of some furniture, I lay down and watch the clouds overhead. Before long a airplane shoots down the coast, inbound for the airport. It makes a wooshing noise as it flies past.

It shouldn’t be this complicated. Life is such a privilege. How could I know what the most ideal consumer decisions are? What could I do that would mean shopping from time to time in an ethical fashion? Do I need to instead program some sort of global economic simulation to tell me if planning a purchase is a good idea? After all sooner or later the world will do accounts and I want to make sure the answer is ideal for everyone. But that’s nearly impossible and I am insignificant. And the blanket I’m sitting on… it came from Amazon.

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