Pretty please?
Blogging, Meet Medium. Please Procreate.
John Battelle

Thought you might like to know I spent the weekend coding a little prototype just like you described. A medium for the collective. It’s not done yet. — 10/26/15

An update on how the little prototype moved along… well, I typed and scribbled lines of javascript together. Eventually replicating a minimal typing experience and the feeling of accessing a console on an old school computer. I discovered why the CURSES library is a thing and realized my expectations of how to select text by holding shift and pressing arrow keys are way more ingrained into my natural working rhythm and I only notice there absence when my proto-editor does not have those tools. But, why was I writing a javascript browser based text editor yet again? Oh yeah, memories return and we need a medium for the collective. Whatever that might mean. — 11/24/15

This draft-note might need to turn into something much longer. Maybe I can use Medium to have a conversation about what it is that needs to be built. I’ll keep typing and now I’ll try to hit publish more often. Do I need a tool that tracks how often I hit publish? — 11/27/15