Because I’m a Girl
Katie Burke

Gosh this is so good.

Though I might not be a girl, I totally understand because I live in a multiracial, multi-religious society. However, it just so happens that my race is a minority over here. Therefore, to promote multiracial cohesiveness and inclusion, there will always be this ‘quota’ on what how many persons per race can be included. I understand that it is all for the good of the community but sometimes it backfires. When a person of my race get to reach a certain level in the government/company etc, there will always be comments like, ‘Oh, you got it because you’re (insert race), the quota was in your favour.’

Sometimes it pisses me off because my society values meritocracy but if such comments are made because of we are trying to be inclusive, it undermines the achievements of the person.

I guess there is no easy solution to this. However, you are right. There is no need to feel bad or apologise at all for being a step ahead of them.

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