Why should you choose VueJS ?


Nowadays, there is a lot of frontend framework which can solve your problem (React, Svelte, Angular, …) so this article will focus on the strength of Vue JS but at the end I advise you to choose the framework you are the most comfortable with.

Easy to learn

Something everyone will probably tell you when you think about Vue is that the learning curve is really good. It is known to be easy to learn with a clear documentation and a lot of short but complete tutorials. I often recommend using Vue for projects with people who are not familiar with JS frameworks already or students in web development.

Basic increment button

Growing popularity

Vue JS has an amazing story and if you are interested in this part just have a look at the really nice documentary made by honeypot.

Good performances

We know it, performance comparison is an abstract concept, considering that it will always depend on code quality. So a good React developer can easily release the same app as a Vue beginner with better performances because his code will be optimized. So this part can fluctuate and should not be taken as “Vue JS is definitely faster” but more like “It is possible to get better performances with this tool if I do it right”.

Benchmark from krausest.github.io

Different ways of coding

As I mentioned above, there are 2 ways of coding in Vue. We saw the Options API which is the perfect fit for web development beginners or for people learning a JS framework for the first time. But what about the others ? What if I come from a React background ? What if I am used to Vanilla and want to stay close to this way of coding ? No problem. With the release of Vue 3, the dev team gave you a second way of writing your JS code which is closer to React or Vanilla way of doing.

Code with Options API
Code with Composition API


Vue is not better than any other framework. Each one has their own strength and you might choose another one after considering the job offers or your favorite way of working.