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Madhumeha Arogya Amrit

Diabetes “or” madhumeha:

Ayurveda describes twenty types of prameha. One of these prameha is diabetes “or” madhumeha which is an extremely dangerous lifestyle disease. Diabetes is spreading at an alarming rate, not only in India but around the world. It has become a very common disease in today’s world. Some decades earlier, a person above the age of 35yr was prone to disease like diabetes but according to the current statistics, even children are not spared from the ugly clutches of this life altering disease due the immensely sedentary lifestyle. According to a survey conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) , 10 out of every 100 individuals suffer from diabetes and the number will double in the coming decades.

There are many reasons causing diabetes but one of the main reasons causing this originates in the Pancreas. Pancreas secrete many different type of hormones of which insulin and glucon are what concerns diabetes. The hormone insulin is very necessary for the normal functioning of the human body as it supplies sugar to the various cells of the body, thus regulating the blood sugar levels of the body. The real cause of diabetes is when the secretion of the insulin in the body lowers. When this happens the sugar levels in the body cannot be controlled and become irregular, thus causing harm like frequent fainting episodes, increased heart palpitations etc. The blood sugar level rise which is then thrown out of the body through urine, which is the reason why patients suffering from diabetes complain of frequent urination.

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