If You Haven’t Received Skychain Tokens Yet

1. Log in to https://my.skychain.global/
2. Check if you have submitted your ERC20 wallet 
3. If you have no ERC20 wallet address specified in your account — submit it and click “Save”.
4. If you have your ERC20 wallet address specified and still haven’t received the confirmation email — re-submit it and click “Save”.
5. Check the email address you used for https://my.skychain.global/ for a confirmation letter (check the spam folder too). Once you clicked “Confirm” link in the letter (it will be right opposite the ERC20 wallet address) - the tokens will be sent to your ERC20 wallet within 24 hours.

How to add custom tokens to your ERC20 wallet — https://medium.com/@skychain.global/how-to-add-custom-tokens-to-myetherwallet-3bd8494ab51

If the tips above didn’t work — send us an email to support@skychain.global and provide the email address you used for https://my.skychain.global/ in this letter shortly describe the situation and we will do our best to help you!