Skychain Alpha’s First Details!

Hello, dear supporters!

As you know, we’re releasing Skychain Alpha in the end of June! So in the run-up to this event we are eager to share with you some details on its functionality and capabilities.

We built a separate website where any user, despite his location, is capable of trying out our system using SKCH tokens.

We had previously planned to provide freely available services in our Alpha and Beta, but after analysing its possible consequences we, unfortunately, found the need to introduce minimal payments. The reason for it is to avoid “random” people who might want to download inappropriate data into Skychain. The cost will be the lowest.

To help a user understand the operating principles of Skychain neural networks better, we made information sections for each of them. Here you can learn about the whole operating cycle of it and see what tokens are for. General information about each neural network, its accuracy indicator and diagnosis specialization are also provided.

Photo by Burst on Unsplash

On a neural network’s page, a user is offered to download medical images and get the health prediction. After some time of processing data, the result is shown. Quick and easy!

Except the ANN for lung disorders we announced earlier, our developers are now training neural networks to diagnose diseases of liver, prostate and breast cancer by analysing MRI and CT scans. The neural network for liver works particularly well.

However, we can not provide the final list of ANNs to be offered in Skychain Alpha right now. Let us keep you intrigued until its release. We are doing our best to create the system with the most accurate ANNs in a short time.

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Iva Chernysheva, Marketing Manager