Skychain Beta released!

The platform itself is a working prototype of Skychain infrastructure, which is to be constantly improved by adding new features and fixing bugs, if any. Beta includes functioning AI developer, data provider and end user sections.

The platform is available here:

Consumer section

The consumer section is a section for end users of Skychain, namely doctors and patients. Here are all neural networks created within the Skychain infrastructure with descriptions and an ability to request them.

AI developer section

The module includes developer’s personal cabinet, where data scientist is able to create, edit his projects and publish neural networks within the frameworks of Skychain infrastructure. The Jupyter Notebook was integrated to the platform for the convenient development process. A user, willing to become a developer, should have a deposit of 1000 SKCH on the Skychain Beta account.

The use of Skychain GPUs is a paid service. A developer is charged according to the following rate: 4.2 SKCH / hour.

Each new neural network and each new version should be checked by Skychain development team before publishing. The checkup takes up to 7 days.

Data provider section

In this section, a data owner can upload his data to Skychain and establish the price for each request to the ANN trained on the dataset. Data provider, as other participants, must agree to Skychain terms & conditions and confirm the data he offers are depersonalized and is permitted for commercial use.

Each new dataset and each new version should be checked by Skychain before publishing. The check up takes up to 7 days.

If you have noticed any errors in Skychain Beta or have proposals in its improvement, please inform Skychain team about them:

Link to Skychain Beta:

Join Skychain on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Telegram.

Iva Chernysheva, Marketing Manager

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