Skychain CEO Gennady Popov’s message to investors (July 2019)

I gladly salute all the members of Skychain community! Thanks for being with us!

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What’s going on with the project right now?

After the Skychain Beta release, we have reconsidered a number of approaches to the system and have adjusted our expectations of Skychain release.

We are also training our neural networks for particular areas of diagnostics. Our flagship product is the neural network on histopathology, which turns out to be really cool and will have its market success on its own!

Are there any significant changes in the project?

We would like to ensure you that Skychain team has both time and safety margin (project has enough recources for development and marketing till the end of 2020) and we will successfully release the platform and introduce it to the market.

How is the platform promotion going?

We have a shorlist of potential partners, who are patiently waiting for platform’s release to test and use it.

Other issues

Yours sincerely,

Gennady Popov


Skychain Global OÜ

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