Skychain Global and Skychain Technologies Inc. — projects are not connected

Hello, Skychain community!

This time I would like to discuss the new issue we faced recently. We have found out that there is another crypto-related company, which has a pretty similar name to ours. This company is Skychain Technologies Inc, which offers its solutions for mining farms.

Skychain Technologies Inc. website

First of all, I would like to announce that we are not associated with Skychain Technologies Inc. in any way.

We are not willing to change the priority area of our project, we are fully focused on creation of a blockchain infrastructure, which will allow AI to be introduced to medical diagnostics in the best possible way. That is why you will never hear of us doing anything else apart from our project until we finish it. If you hear about it, then it’s not us.

On one hand, we are not quite happy with the fact that we will have to share our name with other project, because it might lead to some confusion, difficulties in brand marketing in the future and being associated with them.

On the other hand, we have nothing strictly against it because:

  • our areas do not directly intersect;
  • they are not doing anything to tarnish the brand;
  • they are not doing anything illegal.

That is why we will have to face the fact that there are now two Skychains. We hope that both projects will coexist peacefully and will not trouble each other.

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Alexander Oksanenko, Marketing Director

If you have any questions about Skychain, don’t hesitate to write me on Telegram and on email:

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