Skychain in a Nutshell

Hi, Skychain community!

Today, I am going to deliver some kind of educational content. If you are still unaware of the advantages that Skychain has over the competitors, this presentation material is for you. Let’s go!

I would like to start by underlining the key idea of our project once again — bringing the key players together within blockchain infrastructure. The whole message is being a cornerstone since the conception of the project.

But what is so important and unique in doing it? I will try to answer the question and remove any doubts that it will surely bring the humanity closer to the AI-assisted diagnostics.

The global digitalisation of business economics has paved the way for the emergence of new business models. One of them is uberization, which intends to bring together providers and the consumers directly closer to each other on one digital platform. The role of the middlemen is now falling into decline — there is no need for them anymore. Named after Uber and its phenomenal growth, the trend is now being implemented not only in retail, hospitality and transportation industry. But will it find its application in medical diagnostics?

This is what we intend to do in Skychain project. I will briefly remind you that we are bringing together medical data providers, AI developers, providers of computing power and the consumers.

Each competitive advantage of Skychain, which is brought by uberization, must be covered in detail.

The unification of the marketplace for all of the stakeholders will minimize the distance between them, excluding the possibility of middlemen charging extra money for the negotiation. By creating both high-quality and easy software for the marketplace, we will make the interaction very comfortable. We also intend to make Skychain as developer-friendly as possible. By providing computational powers, guidelines and assistance from the Skychain team, we want to draw talented independent developers and create a demand for medical data.

Medical images, required for the process of neural network training, need to be specially processed by medical professionals. By procession I mean that each area with any disease or abnormality must be manually marked or labeled, which makes it very expensive. The lack of medical datasets is present, because there is no specific demand for that. By creating Skychain, we will create the demand and turn the image processing into profitable business.

And blockchain is definitely an icing on the cake. It makes Skychain go along with the digital principles of online security and transparency, which are emerging now.

Medical datasets are surely the intellectual property of the owner. In Skychain, data providers can be absolutely sure that their images will not leak somewhere else and be used in other projects. The datasets, which are used for training, can not be saved on either master node or developer’s PC.

Neural networks, which are trained on datasets within Skychain, also can not be saved and used in other projects. Data providers must be confident that they will get their piece of a pie.

By establishing some kind of a partnership, providers and developers must negotiate on terms of how they will distribute the income for the utilisation of their neural network.

Smart contracts will prevent both sides from scamming and taking bigger share.

As for master node operators, smart contracts will make sure that they constantly get stable income for the utility of the provided computational power.

By creating a competitive environment between the service providers, we intend to make Skychain better. In a constant battle for the customers, developers will create neural networks with better accuracy, providers will create larger datasets and the overall price of the inferences for the customers will drop.

This is how each party will benefit in Skychain. Everyone benefits from working all together. We are making sure that all of providing parties get their fair income share and consumer gets high-quality neural networks for everyday use.

If you’re reading this, Skychain apprentice, I am really proud that you made it to the end. If something is still unclear, feel free to ask me on Telegram: @AOksanenko.

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Alexander Oksanenko, Partnership Manager