Skychain’s warning about scam projects

Hello, dear Skychain supporters!

In this post I would like to pay your attention to the risk, which is always present at the cryptoworld, especially at the ICO market.

Last week, one of our community members sent me the link to the project and noticed that the bio of their team members is completely similar to the bio of several Skychain team members. landing page screenshot
Antoine Chang’s bio is actually Alexander Kuzmin’s one
Sanjay Paliwal’s bio is copypasted from Ivan Svistunov’s
Freddy Han took a part from Andrey Reznik’s bio

By showing you this example, I would like to emphasise the potential risk for your assets in some scam projects, where team members pretend to be more experienced than they are by adding the bio of real experts and don’t even bother to change it at all. Be careful about where to invest and how much to invest. Always double-check everything you see in whitepaper and on a website.

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Alexander Oksanenko, Marketing Director

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