Update From the Project Team 24/04/18

Greetings, friends!

There were not much news from us in recent days. We are sorry, as our team was busy solving issues related to token distribution process!

Token Distribution Process

4,329 transfers made to 4,322 addresses. If you did not receive your tokens yet, follow these instructions: https://goo.gl/3BNsCR

Tokens are paused before listing on exchanges, until this moment there is no possibility to transfer tokens from one wallet to another.

Many token holders still haven’t transferred them to their ERC20 wallets, but don’t worry — the tokens are safe in your personal area on our website.

See the token distribution on etherscan: http://goo.gl/VUAyxh

Contact our support engineer if you have any trouble: support@skychain.global

Exchange Listing

Many users have been asking questions about exchange listings. We believe that our tokens will already be tradable in May. We are doing our best to make it happen faster. The approximate date for exchange listings is May 10.

Recently we have refused to cooperate with Yobit as many investors expressed their concerns about this exchange. To see the full list of possible exchanges check this post: https://goo.gl/tsZvtm

Team and Project Progress

We have started to expand the Skychain team. Not long ago it was decided that the project team would be based in two cities in Russia: Moscow and Ekaterinburg (here we have rented an office in “Vysotsky” business centre).

View from our office in Ekaterinburg

The project team is expanding rapidly. Right now, there are already seven Data Science programmers working for Skychain.

The first results of the development process are as follows:

We have created a neural network for lung cancer diagnosis. Its accuracy is about 75 percent when analyzing X-ray pictures.

Anton Klechenov, Dmitry Musinov, Ivan Svistunov and other Skychain team members

In the nearest future, our main aim is to create neural networks, which will be used in the following spheres:

AI for radiology (MRI, CT scans, x-rays) analysis to detect oncology diseases.
AI for histology analysis for differential diagnostics of oncological diseases.
AI for analysis of cardiograms. As heart diseases along with oncology are among the leading causes of deaths worldwide (check the article: https://goo.gl/UL54B3)
Moreover, if everything goes as planned we will create an AI, which helps to detect dermatological diseases.

We believe, that all these AI’s will be ready to use by autumn 2018.

Gennady Popov with the project team

Project Status

Gennady Popov says that our tactics is to enter the market of neural networks development as soon as possible. We will create the system, which could be used to solve actual medical problems. According to our plans Skychain project will achieve self-sufficiency within a year as our team plans to start creating neural networks on order by summer this year.