Dating In 2016

There simply is no such thing as dating in 2016. If there is then it has completely morphed into something else altogether. Years ago, it was acceptable for a man and a woman to go out and a guy wine and dine the woman without expecting anything in return. Nowadays men are so demanding and many of them require or at least expect sex on the first date.

I grew up in the South in a very traditional setting. I was taught to have values and to stand by them and that women were prizes that men should pursue. In present day, that definitely no longer stands as true. It makes it extremely difficult for me to date because my value system is so different and I refuse to conform.

I think it is okay if a woman wants to have sex with a man on the first night if she wants to. Yet I do not think that it should expected by all women to satisfy this ideology. There are still some of us out here who will not put out and refuse to settle for less. I definitely am one of those women and I’m sure there are many of us even in this instant gratification age.

I am proud of my standards and principles and any man who is serious about being with me better get with the program. Of course I am a modern woman but I choose to be a traditional modern woman and an extremely proud of it!