There’s a new artist in town, and he lives at the Halifax Zoo

Galleries in Halifax are looking to purchase local Chimpanzee’s art

By: Skye Bryden-Blom

Jimmy Brown, a 26-year-old Brazilian chimpanzee, sold his first painting today for $3,000.

It was purchased by Jennifer Ricks, the owner of a local art gallery called The Artifact. Jennifer purchased the painting before she knew that Jimmy was a chimpanzee.

“I was stunned, honestly . . . I couldn’t have imagined a chimpanzee could have created something so beautiful,” she said.

Jimmy has lived at the zoo for three years, but it was only two months ago that he picked up a paintbrush for the first time, and ever since he has spent at least thirty minutes a day painting blank canvases.

His trainer, Roched Seba, noticed that Jimmy was not playing with the kid toys that the zoo provided for the chimpanzees. He decided to show Jimmy the art supplies and soon discovered that he loved painting.

All money raised from the purchase of his paintings will be used to help wildlife at the zoo.

“Jimmy is a very sensitive chimp so I think he’d probably really like to know that his art is helping to improve the life for many different animals here at the Halifax Zoo,” Seba said.

The Artifact isn’t the only gallery looking at Jimmy’s painting, and the zoo will know by tomorrow if more paintings have been sold.

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