Module 5: Theories!

How has your opinion about the /SAMR model changed? As a teacher would you still use it to underpin your teaching activities? Why/why not?

Jonas Lineroth opinion on the SAMR model is that is not beneficial for learners due to the similarities to socio-cultural theories, however despite his suspicions about who is behind this model, I believe it provides a guideline for teachers, and guidelines are a very important tool in education, to ensure standardised validity.

Compare and contrast Bloom’s Taxonomy with a revised taxonomy of your choice

Marzano’s model of teaching effectiveness includes:

- Good teachers set goals.

- Effective teachers provide feedback.

- Teachers should help students interact with new knowledge.

- Good teachers should provide students with simulations and low-stakes competition.

- Effective teachers should establish and maintain classroom rules.

- Teachers should maintain relationships with students.

- Good teachers should communicate high expectations.

Whereas bloom’s Taxonomy is divided into three components, the self, metacognitive and cognitive system. I believe the Marzano model includes a lot more factors to cater for more needs.

Which learning theory did you identify with most? Why are they important for teachers?

I believe the Marzano theory best works with my particular teaching as I have a strong belief in catering for many needs and Marzano includes more differentiation.

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