Module 8: Design Technologies Curriculum!

What is the design technologies curriculum?

- Provides opportunities to create solutions

- Develop a range of thinking skills including systems thinking, design thinking and computational thinking, learn how to manage projects and consider how solutions that are created now will be used in the future

- Helps us understand how the things we use every day work, they were imagined, created, improved and delivered to others.

- Two strands: design and technologies knowledge and understand including technologies and society and technologies context

- And design and technologies processes and production skills (skills needed to design and produce solutions)

- Brain storming, looking at complex scenarios and take on a variety external factors

- Focuses on four contexts:

1. Engineering principles and systems

2. Food and fibre production

3. Food specialisations

4. Materials and technologies specialisations

Why is it important to my future role?

We need to teach students to understand how the decisions we make, materials and technologies for example impact on people now and into the future. We want students to think about how technologies can be used to create a future in which students would prefer to live, we want students to control their futures through learning!

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