Module 10/11: 21st Century Teaching Strategies

What can you do, as a preservice teacher, to challenge the traditional educational paradigm?

The traditional educational paradigm focuses on tests and documenting knowledge and skills which creates anxiety for the students and in turn, can reflect their ‘results’ (e.g. NAPLAN). However, schools are changing at an increasing rate, assessments are becoming less structured and more hands on and collaborative. Even though this is harder to assess e.g. formative, it means the students are being assessed in a comfortable environment and are showing the best of their abilities.

Is problem-based learning an assessment strategy or a teaching strategy- or both?

I believe problem-based learning (PBL) can be both an assessment and teaching strategy. PBL is an effective assessment tool as it focuses on constructive thinking and coming up with solutions based on real-life situations, which is exactly what school is aiming students to prepare for. PBL is a great teaching strategy as it is in engaging, collaborative and motivating as it includes a wide range of aspects and steps and will always have purpose to students.

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