Love is ever-present. It goes beyond the limits of time and space.

Love is not something that can be measured by numbers.

It’s present no matter how many times you call, text, email, have a conversation, engage on social media, grab drinks, have coffee, share a meal, exchange gifts.

It’s present even when you don’t do these things.

Love is there when you’re together. Love is there when you’re alone.

No matter the circumstances, love is always there. Even in the darkest of times, love never truly goes away.

Love is constant, it’s an energy, not an action or a result.

Love is love.

Skye Wagner is a Women’s Empowerment Coach that specializes in self-love & self-expression. She has 13 years of coaching experience and natural creative & intuitive abilities.

Skye N. Wagner

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Skye N Wagner

Skye N Wagner


Writer, Speaker, Coach. I help others find confidence in their own self-expression, individuality and creativity.