The Truth About Beauty

Beauty is in itself, an abstract quality.

All outer beauty is simply an expression and reflection of inner beauty.

So many sources try to tell us what beauty looks like, what it is, what it means to have it. It varies based on opinion, but sometimes that opinion gets so heavily enforced that it feels like a fact. That fact can leave most of us feeling doubtful of ourselves and assuming that beauty is something we lack.

The truth is, the only real fact about beauty is that it’s something that everyone has. Everyone is beautiful. How each person expresses it is as unique as they are.

True beauty can’t actually be lost, it only can be hidden. It gets hidden by negative thoughts and negative self-talk, and actions taken based on said negative thoughts and negative self-talk.

You hide your true beauty, even from yourself, the moment you decide to dim your own light in an effort to fit in with others. Doing that enough times will leave you believing that you are devoid of beauty and also leave your sense of self-esteem and self-worth very low.

It’s also easy to get caught up with what I like to call “comparison energy”. This is essentially when you compare yourself to others and determine that you are inadequate in some way because you aren’t the same as them. However, what’s true is essentially the opposite. The thing that sets you apart from others, that aspect of you that is distinct and makes you who you are, is a crucial part of what makes you beautiful and amazing.

It’s really time for you to start celebrating yourself and all those amazing and unique qualities that you have. Even the slightest step in that direction will make a big difference.

The best place to start is by allowing yourself to recognize one or two qualities you have that you honestly love. Find that thing that you would talk more about if you weren’t afraid of being told that you’re bragging! Really spend time affirming how great that is, just for yourself. Soon, you’ll find more and more things like this.

True beauty, the kind that expresses itself from the inside out, is one of the many things that we will be diving deep on inside my Ciao Bella group coaching program.

This program is starting in the next few weeks! If this is something you are interested in, please comment below or contact me directly.

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Skye N Wagner

Skye N Wagner

Writer, Speaker, Coach. I help others find confidence in their own self-expression, individuality and creativity.