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1.) Feel your grief and allow your painbut give yourself a time limit to heal and deal with the break-up.

  • Sleep as much as you want and as late as you can. It’s ok to avoid the world for a while. Just be sure to get up to eat, drink, and use the bathroom. Sometimes your body, mind, and spirit need a little TLC to process all of the emotions you’re feeling. To let go of the pain and heartache.
  • Pull out your journal or go buy one. Use it just for the purpose of purging all of your bad…

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He said, “Good night, Skye” and that was the last I heard from him…three weeks ago.

My serious boyfriend who had just sworn to me the night before that he still wanted our relationship even though he had moved to another state (we were planning for me to move there), just up and quit talking to me out of nowhere after a very small disagreement…

No warning. No reason.

Just poof! Gone.

And just like that, the man that had once been my boyfriend, lover, and best friend — the guy that had talked with me about our future together…

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I’m one of those people who fall in love easily when the moment is right and the person is everything I’ve been looking for.

I recently met someone that I thought was The One. And believe me, I’ve had a lot of The Ones in my life but this guy…was different. Or so I thought.

After many failed relationships, I’ve learned that you must put yourself first no matter how much you may love someone. You have to invest in something you love that isn’t a person…

“Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their…

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I often fantasize about the days when I’m a well-known writer with an audience that spans the globe. I dream about how it will feel to finally reach the pinnacle of my success when people will actually care about what I write next — waiting to read my latest work.

But then it hits me. . .

Once I have finally arrived, a whole new world of expectations will be waiting for me — the expectations of my readers and critics alike.

It dawns on me that I will lose some of the freedom that I enjoy as a new…

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As I sit here writing this at almost ten o’clock on a Wednesday night, I’m realizing just how much I love to write. I’m worn out and tired from going non-stop at my new 8–5 job since 7:00 am this morning. But in spite of my complete exhaustion, I did what any committed writer does, I made a fresh cup of coffee and sat down to write.

It’s become completely clear to me over the period of the past couple almost three weeks that if I’m going to remain a writer then I must write, even when I want to…

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It’s really time for the whole work hard 8 to 5 mentality to expire and give way to something new.

Admittedly, I wrote about my own nine-month long journey of desperation towards finding a regular eight to five job so that I could pay the bills until I achieve my dreams.

But I still stand on the subject where I stood before…

It’s time for the 8–5 to die a quick, slightly painful death. And then we can all get on with our lives.

I mean seriously, hasn’t society outgrown the old work hard mentality? …

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You may have been wondering where I’ve been for the past couple of months (and if you weren’t that’s ok) or why I haven’t written anything in a while. Truth be told, I’ve had a lot of significant life changes occur in the past couple of months that have flipped my life right side up in a very good way.

I’m now living comfortably with much more space to breathe in a lovely home with my kids. . .the one caveat is that I’m temporarily living with my parents until I can completely get my life back together.

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I’m sitting here trying to avoid thinking about the inevitable drive to my parents’ house this afternoon. It’s only thirty minutes from where I live, but the drive itself has developed into one gigantic monster that I must battle every time I want to visit them (or drive anywhere else of any significant distance).

I have a fear of driving (specifically long distance on highways).

It wasn’t always this way.

So when this unexpected surprise came out of nowhere, I decided I must resolve it — soon.

I’ve had to put together the pieces of the puzzle and retrace my…

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As I sit here left with my only real option (my passion for writing) after being turned down for yet another job that I’m completely qualified for, it has become glaringly obvious that I live in a world that puts an expiration date on women.

Whether it’s the workplace or the dating world, we are viewed as items on a shelf. Ready to expire at some unknown future point in time. We are seen as perishable food items, for lack of better comparison.

I am amazed that we live in the 21st century and yet women, no matter how far…

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This morning I woke feeling fed up with my life, my situation, and God. Nothing has been going right for, well, the past 10 years but especially this past year. Throughout it all, I’ve tried to remain positive and optimistic with the full expectation that ONE day my life will finally be MUCH better than it’s been as long as I take positive, forward action. And to be fair, it hasn’t all been bad. But there’s been a constant theme of sadness, suffering, and pain underneath the surface. I’ve tried everything to get rid of it. …

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