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My First Experience In The Night Club

Many young generations share their unforgettable nightclub experiences in Bali. I was told that there are plenty of nightclubs on the island of Bali. Every night, nightclubs in Bali are always filled with young men and women both foreigners and local. They really enjoy their night. The dance, drink, sing, eat and listen to the music together with friends, families, and beloved ones. Hearing their stories about the wonderful clubs in Bali, it arises my curiosity about what is going on in the many nightclubs. I question myself, would it be nice if I go to Bali and do some jobs while spending sometimes in clubs? At the same time, I remember what my parents and families told me not to go to nightclubs ever because it will just ruin myself and future. There are two different estimations about nightclubs. It leads me to the dilemma. But finally, I decided to go to Bali so that I can visit Bali clubs once in a while.

It’s a wow to be in Bali. It so different from what I thought before. It’s really true that Bali provides a lot of clubs. It was a weekend that one of my co-workers invited us to spend our night in one of the best nightclubs in Bali which is known as Sky Garden Club. As the old saying goes like this; “As a deer entering a village”. Can you imagine how surprised the deer will be when it sees the new environments which are completely different? Certainly, it will be just standing and amusing. That is exactly what happened to me when was first arriving at Sky Garden Club. The situation and nuance are absolutely different. The moment I got inside, I just said; wow!!!

In this nightclub, we were offered various delicious foods and drinks. We then decided to enjoy the provided food and drink. It was one of the greatest night in whole life. I really enjoyed the moment. While eating and drinking we share our personal and collective experiences. while chatting, we also move our bodies, hands and sometimes beat our feet on the floor following the rhythm of the presented modern music. The waited moment eventually came through. All of us then stood up and went dancing. My night was so pleasing and enjoyable. It’s a memorable moment in my life.

After spending our weekend joyfully, then we decided to come home so as to give a rest for our bodies and minds. When I was on the bed, I couldn’t sleep. I just remembered some thoughts of people saying that visiting night club in Bali is just ruining ourselves. Some even say that nightclubs must not exist because it will just destroy people in many ways. I might sound correct. But my personal opinion based on the experience of mine, I dare to say that I disagree. Why? We don’t have to do bad things such as get drunk and to get ourselves involved in prostitution. We can just spend time, with our friends, families, relatives or co-workers. The nightclub will never ruin ourselves. The one that ruins ourselves is none other than our selves. If you are not committed persons then you can easily fall into bad temptations. Personally, the nightclub is always a great place to have relaxation.

If you are also curious and interested to spend your night in the clubs, then I gladly to suggest you visit Sky Garden Night Club. This club is actually located in Jl. Raya Legian №61, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361. Our safety and satisfaction certainly will be granted. It will be always best for me to come again and this nightclub.

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