Here Is How You Can Enjoy The FIFA World Cup 2018 Even If You Are Not In Russia

Sky Goal
Sky Goal
Jun 27, 2018 · 3 min read

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is finally here ladies and gentlemen and we know you cannot hold your excitement in. It is time to put on your game face and cheer religiously for your favorite team. You must already know that Russia is hosting this year’s game and if you are not in Russia, it does not mean you cannot enjoy the game. There are many other ways to enjoy your passion for football being where you are. Let’s find out how.

1.Big Screens:Watching the match on a huge screen is the best way you can be a part of a stadium like experience. You can watch the match with the same level of excitement and even watch a replay of all the stupendous goals. There are various restaurants and bars offering match screenings along with music, drinks, and food of course. Make sure to make reservations in advance as the bookings close within the blink of an eye. Witness the magic of your favorite teams on a big screen and with high surround sound.

2. Football fans and snacks: Football is most enjoyed in an environment with people who love the game as much as you do. Hop on to a bar with a bunch of friends who are equally excited. Order a bunch of beers and snacks and enjoy the game. The vibe around sweaty, excited, and passionate football fans is no less than that of a stadium.

3. With your favorite team’s jersey: The connection you can feel wearing your favorite team’s jersey while watching the match is unbeatable. The jersey signifies love for the sport, passion, and of course, undying support for the team and the players. It makes you feel like you belong in the team and it matters if they win or lose to you as much as it does to them. But, where to find authentic football jerseys? Well, you can head to Sky Goal for jerseys of various football clubs and teams. They have jerseys for world cup 2018 of Mexico, Nigeria, Germany, France, Croatia, Colombia, Belgium, England, Serbia, and all the other teams. They also have football club jerseys like Manchester United football shirts, Arsenal shirts, Chelsea Shirts, and many more.

4. Get mind-blowing offers: Open screenings, bar screenings, and restaurants offer various discounts and deals during the World Cup. You can get complimentary beers, one plus one, unlimited drinks and much more. So you can score all these deals at the bar while you watch the match wearing the jersey of your favorite team.

5. Stadium like ambiance: During sports games, bars deck up their whole venue like a stadium with banners, posters, flags. Even the staff is seen sporting the jerseys. We bet, they got it from Sky Goal as well. You may not be present physically at the stadium but you won’t be missing out on anything.

We know now you won’t be regretting not being there in Russia for the FIFA World Cup. A big screen, beer, football lovers, and of course, a football jersey is all you need to enjoy the game. To get your hands on jerseys for FIFA World Cup 2018, head to SkyGoal. Here you can find jerseys of various teams, Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, and various other clubs like Manchester United football shirts and Arsenal shirts and more. You can get the jerseys customized and don’t miss the sale offer of buy 3 get 1 absolutely free. Isn’t it amazing?

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