I am freewriting I decided to do this on the computer because I can type faster than I can write but this involves the continuous writing of thoughts kind of like the stream of consciousness william faulkner of what was it the one that wrote the super difficult and impossible to parse stream of consciousness narrative anyway the point of this exercise is to allow the continuous unceasing writing and description of thoughts from mind to paper no filter this is exactly what I’m thinking about right now I just spelled right as write I am getting confused it’s difficult to think and then to remember what I thougth and then write it down because by the time I’ve written about what I’ve thought my mind has immediately moved on to bigger, greater things haha however I think I’m doing pretty ok at this maybe because I’ve written what I’ve thought before maybe I’ll try to have cooler thoughts svelte listen slick slicker snake sidle stalks stalks lip snake snarl fast quick fox fix. Maybe I’ll write something new today. I hope I write something new today (oh wow punctuation) oh no I have low battery, I think I’ve written more in the last 3 minutes than I have the entire 3 hours I devoted to that weird short story yesterday, I hope I do more today, I hope I write and draw and create more, I wanna consume the world but I don’t know how to, don’t know how to fit my dislocating jaw around the pearls of the continents, that’s an actual true story by the way, my jaw is actually dislocating, precisely because at night I grind my teeth together, grind grind grind, like the mortar pestle of the ancient era. That’s my jaw doing it’s work. Grinding its teeth down so I have nothing to eat with, just nubs, just small little pebbles of calcium. I wonder if time’s up yet. I’m using the google timer so I don’t really know if it’s working hahahahah ok I’m running out of thoughts, maybe what if all freewriting is just about me thinking about thoughts and writing about having thoughts, that would be kind of boring. I’m typing on a table so every time I type (and right now I’m typing very furiously) the keys make a thunk thunk on the keyboard, my jaw is tired, my eyes are raw, I’m wrestling with guilt and regret that’s filling me up in the inside, I have 2% left, sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in nothing, but sometimes I just forget about it. And I think that’s just it. I’m not learning to swim, or becoming able to. I just forget that I’m drowning.