Post-Grad life

Today marks 2 official business days into my graduated post-collegiate life. So far it feels like summer break and this new life probably won’t settle in until I am either three months in or at a new job? Today was spent meandering around town looking for food, new locations for living, the library and also a mispent trip to the book store that was not open today…and that there is a small metaphor of my life. Really though today was pleasant in the way that I could paint whatever I wanted to, or do whatever I wanted. Yesterday marked the beginning of my life as a tenacious, fearless and optimistic young individual trying to make her way in a service industry where there are thousands of millions of talented artists and illustrators all out for the same jobs (or as my teachers like to remind me, other people who are willing to work for way less than what you can even afford to)! So cheers to the future and seeing this dream through ☺ But really, this is exciting.

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