How to Thrive in a Stressful Life

How to transform life’s chaos into lasting peace

Accepting Chaos

What’s the first step to reducing the chaos in your life? You accept that it’s there.

Transforming Inner Chaos into Peace

Imagine a person has robbed a store and is subject to an order of law that will prosecute them. They stand before a judge and jury, waiting for their sentencing. The jury reads the verdict. “Guilty.” The judge sentences the person for 2 years in prison.

Transforming Outer Chaos into Peace

After accepting that life is chaos, you might want to immediately calm the chaos of the externals in your life — your business, your finances, your relationships, your family, your job, your marriage, your body, your faith. But to create external peace, you must still create peace within yourself first. Otherwise, you run the risk of believing your life won’t be complete until you’ve achieved a moving goalpost.

Where are You?

Take a moment to assess yourself along this path. Nobody is perfect at navigating chaos. But, on average, which describes you:

  1. I have difficulty finding inner peace inside of chaos.
  2. I have difficulty changing the circumstances of my life.

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