Number 7 may shock you

Many of us have been there. We were excited to meet this new person or follow-up on a previous encounter, and when we sat down to get to know them, the only words left in our minds were, “Wow.”

And not in the good way.

Dating can be tough in this day and age. But luckily, dating experts, researchers, and surveyors have provided us with the data to really know if your bad date still deserves a loving, caring relationship.

Here are the 6 traits of a failed date that signal they still deserve an amazing relationship.

  1. They have a…

It’s Christmas — the wonderful time of year for sweets, sweaters, and if you’re Christian, celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Now, all Jesuses are not created equal. As much as Man is created in God’s image, Man unfortunately recreates God in its image. The imperfections of the ego-centered, tribal, fearful mind becomes projected on the Divine. Suddenly, even Jesus has the chance to become homophobic racist, not because He ever would, but because some who believe in Him cast their perceptions on Him.

As someone who was raised Mormon, turned atheist, became Buddhist, became born-again charismatic Christian, and now considers…

An introduction to how we give and receive love

Inside each of us are two energies: the masculine and the feminine. These two energies complement and complete each other. We each feel comfortable living in one of these energies. When we find a partner, we often look for our other energetic half.

Sexual Energy

Masculinity and femininity are sexual energies that have been recognized in ancient Eastern and Western philosophy. These energies sit on opposite poles and attract each other like magnets. When one partner is in their masculine, the other is in their feminine. When one partner switches their energy, the other naturally switch theirs as well.

The terms masculine

How to transform life’s chaos into lasting peace

Each one of us faces a storm of chaos in our lives. Depression, anxiety, heartbreak, disappointment. Chaos is a death in the family, a loss of a job, a heated divorce. Chaos is being in debt, being born into a poor family, spending more money than you earn. Chaos is suffering from health problems, weight problems, eating problems. Chaos is not knowing what’s next, not knowing your purpose, not knowing why traumatic things happened to you.

How we respond to chaos is everything. People become successful when they can expertly respond to the chaos in their lives and organize it…

Times that hurt are the best to grow.

Liam Simpson, Unsplash

Do you feel like everything is going wrong in your life right now? Do you feel you’re trapped with no glimpse escape? Do you feel that you are living a more turbulent life than everyone else around you?

I used to believe that life was supposed to be a smooth journey. I thought that if my life wasn’t sunshine and roses, I was failing my job as a human being.

The Roman emperor and stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius shared this belief and cautioned himself against it. In Meditations, he questioned himself, saying:

“So you were born to feel ‘nice’? Instead…

The secret to creative flow is awaiting you.

Via Matt Palmer — Unpslash

Creativity is a task of the mind. While creativity has been historically mystical, modern neuroscience can identify that our peak levels of creativity come from certain brain states.

That’s great — every high-achieving person wants to optimize their mind. But often we forget that our minds aren’t alone. Our minds are hosted inside of our bodies. While our minds can make incredible decisions and reach great insights, our minds to the outside world through our senses.

So let’s do some reverse-engineering here. Can we use our senses to increase our creative abilities? The answer is ‘yes’— a resounding ‘yes’.

Creative state of mind


By Drew Beamer on Unsplash.

Every year I have the same goal: Create more high-quality habits.

And without surprise, I fail — every year.

If you also struggle with the goal of creating high-quality habits, that’s ok: because creating better habits is a mostly useless goal.

It misses the point.

No one can deny that repeated effective behavior creates abundance in your life. No doubt you should get your act together and be more consistent. However, the focus of implementing a high-quality habit starts at the level of decisions you make, not the loftiness of your aspirations.

What are High-Quality Habits?

High-quality habits are the recurring behaviors that build…

Bryan Minear on Unsplash

When her husband, Navy Commander James “Jim” B. Stockdale was shot down over North Vietnam, Sybil Stockdale got to work.

During Jim’s seven and a half years in captivity, Sybil went from homemaker to international activist, advocating for prisoners of war held in North Vietnam. Despite claims of humane treatment, coded letters from her husband spelled out that the American pilots held in Hanoi were being shackled, tortured, and starved. After learning of the mistreatment, Sybil took it upon herself to alert the American and international communities on the real conditions of the U.S. …

While campaigning in Persia and Eastern Asia, Alexander the Great slept with two things under his pillow: a dagger and a hand-copied volume of The Iliad.

Alexander kept The Iliad to check-in with his idol, Achilles. He poured over the pages of this hand-written book every night and consulted his hero on how to live. Achilles taught Alexander all the things his world-class tutors could not: how to persevere, how to lead an army, how to die with honor. Until the end, Achilles was Alexander’s greatest inspiration and rival — a hero to a conqueror.

We think of the ancient…

One Communication student’s view on how his education could have been better.

Today, I applied for graduation. The past four years of taking classes full-time (while trying my luck as an entrepreneur) have been a whirlwind.

In my time as a Communication and Media student, I went through several classes discussing the various forms of communication technology that humans have employed within the last 800 years.

While my professors could tell you droves about the impact of the printing press and commercial radio, I found myself forced to get education on social media had to come from the streets —…

Sky Stack

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