What’s up Doc?

When I was little what was popularly said about doctors was their humanly-impossible-to-decipher writing on the prescription. And now the second thing that is rather disturbing is how many don’t even talk to us when we go for consultation. I took my daughter yesterday to this seemingly ‘good’ hospital at 7 o’ clock in the morning and was actually glad to see a doctor come in after just a few minutes of waiting. She was in her fifties. She gave a look at two families there, mine and a crying boy’s. Looking at the small cut in the toddler’s forehead she said “have to put one stitch!” The parents of the little boy looked worried as the boy was already crying in pain. The doc didn’t even want to know how the cut happened.
Then the doctor turned to us and said “what?”( I didn’t wanna use the word ‘asked’, as it suggests a tiny bit of care or concern) I told her about my 8 year old’s fever and vomiting. She asked “what did she have for dinner last night?” “Cheese balls and curd rice” I replied. “Does your tummy hurt?“ My daughter shook her head.
The doctor looked at me and said “ Admit her for the day” by the next second she left the room. I knew that moment why the toddler’s parents gave that blank look. This experienced doctor had no time to talk to us, tell us what and why and how. I didn’t leave her though. I followed her and found her at the reception talking to a nurse — “ I left hospital at 4 a.m. and again was called in” I did feel bad for her( a few seconds)
They are humans too, sleep deprived and over worked, but come on when I trust you with the life of my loved one have the decency to TALK to me. All I’m asking for is a couple of more minutes. Most doctors do this here. Some even reprimand you if you ask questions. I think it’s the authority syndrome we have in our country. No one is supposed to talk to a Police officer or a Principal or anyone who holds ‘power’. We are expected to take instructions, address them “Sir” You can’t have a conversation with such figures. It is not your place. They are above us. Ridiculous! It is a fact that “With Great Power comes Great Responsibilities” (Spider man’s uncle right?) It’s more work, more responsibilities not a stupid crown that demands Stoop-and-Sir me respect!

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