Why Venture Capital is running a co-working space

Good Luck Catherine!

Today I went to an event where Catherine Solazzo, who is a member of IBM Blue Hub and had supported #HiveShibuya since it was established, made a speech because I heard that she is going to be working in New York from next year and I wanted to say hello to her. We also went out for a drink. I really appreciate her again.

本日 #HiveShibuya の設立時からサポートしてくれているIBM Blue Hub Catherine Solazzoが来年からはニューヨークで働くと聞いて挨拶しに彼女の登壇するイベントに行ってきた。そのまま少し飲みにも。改めてキャサリン達にはとても感謝しています。

Shibuya as a Hive of startup


It was a year ago when I thought to try and gather startup investments in Shibuya. Then I started #HiveShibuya which is a co-working space on July, 2015. At first I had an idea to run the office somewhere only by Skyland Ventures but Taiga Matsuyama from East Ventures gave me an offer to run the office together, and I started. It was actually too much to work an co-working space for a small investment company like Skyland, but thanks to IBM Blue Hub team, not only we were able to run the office, but also they decided to become our sponsor at once. Thank you very much again and again.

渋谷に投資先スタートアップを集めて一緒に頑張って行こうと思ったのは約1年前。そこから、2015年7月にコワーキングスペースである #HiveShibuya をスタートした。当初Skyland Ventures単独でどこかを運営するかどうかなども構想があったけれどEast Venturesの 松山 太河さんより共同運営のオファーを頂き、スタートしました。Skylandのような小さな投資会社はコワーキングスペースの運営ははっきり言ってtoo muchな部分もあったけれど、East Venturesの共同運営並びにすぐスポンサードを決めてくれたIBM Blue Hubチームのおかげで運営できるようになりました。重ね重ね感謝しています。

Co-working space as a community


By the way, I talked with Mae Du today, who is a new intern in Skyland Ventures and is from Thailand, and told me that there are co-working spaces in Thailand too. Karthik Varada and Deepali Varshney told me that there can be places like that in India too.

ちなみに、本日ちょうどSkyland Venturesの新インターンのタイ出身の Mae Duとも初めて1:1でゆっくり話してみたりして、タイでも #HiveShibuya のようなコワーキングスペースがあると良いと思うと言ってくれた。 Karthik Varadaや Deepali Varshneyはインドでもそのような場所があると良いだろうと言ってくれたこともある。

These are very happy because I think they found the value in this community and that they like coming here.


Reasons why a venture capital is working a co-working space


I’ve been looking back in this opportunity and for one of the things I want to make it important for #Hive Shibuya is that these days I think I want to make it more important that “venture capital is running”.

せっかくの機会なので色々思い返していたが #HiveShibuya として大事にしたいことの1つに。”ベンチャーキャピタルが運営していること”を最近もっと大事にしたいと考えている。

There are lots of co-working spaces in Japan but I think it is valuable that companies starting from this place can be invested.


I don’t want to say that we “have “ the economic rationality but I think it’s important that we “also have” the the economic rationality.


Investment from #Hive Shibuya to the companies that had started up here would be total of 45million yen for three companies, but it would be much more if I include the decision of additional investment cases and the offers for investment that were decided here. It would be more than 100 million yen. And I think the fundraising from here will keep on increasing.

#HiveShibuya でゼロからスタートアップした会社へのSkyland Venturesからの投資はこの5カ月で3社計4500万円ですが、追加投資の意思決定や投資オファー自体を出していることがこの場所から決まったものを含めればもっと大きくなる。1億円オーバーにはなるだろう。かつ今後もここからの資金調達は増える一方だと思います。

Funds would be needed for startup companies to operate long, and when I thought about that the team should be made before funds, I want to develop #HiveShibuya as a place like a community to take root for the team. Thank you to everyone who had visited #HiveShibuya, Skyland Ventures, who are my management members, and East Ventures!

スタートアップ企業が、長く活動して行くには資金は必要であるし、資金より先にチームがあるべきかと思ったときに、チームが長く根付くコミュニティのような場所に #HiveShibuya をもっともっと進化させて行きたい。#HiveShibuya を来ていただいたことのある皆様も、運営メンバーのSkyland Ventures、East Venturesのみんなもいつもありがとうございます!

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