20,Take care of yourself!

After a hectic and non-stop January full of working, traveling (and datings), reality finally hit me in an incredibly brutal way — a streak of sneezing and coughing took hold of me for three consecutive nights. I’m sick. And it was the first week of school.

I have undermined the importance of having one day in a week to relax and do nothing; instead, as an instinct, I filled up my weeks with plans and schedules to keep my life as exciting and productive as it could and should be. One week before school start, besides working 4 days at the restaurant, I decided to travel to Boston after just finishing my skiing trip the week before. Outdoors activities, new friends and new knowledge motivate my unsatisfied inner-self. Even though I was worn out — 12 hours working every day, plus 10 hours on the bus, plus 4 zillion times falling off the skiing board, the whole experience was truly unforgettable and filled me up with energy and sanguine sentiment to start my spring semester.

On the contrary, despite my optimism, I caught a cold and stayed in bed, missing all my classes. The sensation of being ill without anyone beside was never unusual to me. Yet as a junior, with so many activities and plans going on, not only does sickness suck away all my energy and prevent me from going to school, it makes me feel doleful. I was uncertain as to why I feel such grief growing inside me. Perhaps, I miss mom, I miss dad, I miss the taste of “Pho”, I craved for a person to stay next to me on my bed and pat her hand on my head, saying “Ngu di con” (“Sleep, my little girl”). No longer was I 10 nor 17. Somehow the number 20 struck me — I’m independent, or at least I should be.

But I finally came to a realization that I no longer can solicit those childish and needy things anymore. I have to learn to take care of myself well despite the hectic and unhealthy lifestyle that most people associate themselves with for innumerable excuses and reasons. 20 isn’t the time for grief or for self-pity, it’s the time to be discipline to your self. Be your own boss:

So my 2017 resolution health plan is to exercise 3 times a week to sharpen my body strength and to fight against any crazy New York weather. To make it exciting, I will rotate my work out activities between biking, swimming and gym.

  • Monday and Wednesday: biking to the shore of Coney Island. Starting at 4 in the morning (eat after exercise)
  • Tuesday and Thursday: Swimming and Gym (8–10 am) (eat before exercise)

I will buy breakfast from the Chinese bakery (so cheap for broke students like me) I’m training myself to wake up at 4 in the morning to follow Benjamin Hardy’s advice who promoted the power of waking up early in the morning. I also want to prepare myself for the summer internship since I have to on the desk by 6 o’clock.

Goodbye the unhealthy me and say hello to a new and sexy Skylar !

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