Week 6 Reflection
Jenny Han

Strictly speaking, I no longer intend to go into STEM after college- however, I am still very interested in writing about aspects of the field (such as the proliferation of digital media).

Given that I am interested in working on LGBT-related topics throughout my career, I beleive that I still have a place to impact society in a positive fashion. The graduate school in which I am currently most interested in attending, the UCI School of Infomatics, combines theory, the statistical aspectss of social science, and the ability to become hands-on with creating digital media of one’s own. I hope to unite my soiological understanding of the situation confronting LGBT individuals with the ability to produce media thatprovides a source of support during difficult times.

Of course, there is a high risk of my becoming immersed in “ivory tower” abstract academics- and in a way oddly similar to the EpiPen price situation, academics these days are so illogically organized that I may well often be compelled to generate attention-catching work over work that I believe would actually produce a substantial difference. I believe it is my responsibility to always be aware of this possibility, and safeguard against it.

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