Desert Golfing. The most advanced golf simulator ever made.


In a world filled with skeuomorphic UIs accounting for wind speed, green contours, club head velocity, and countless other golf factors, Desert Golf captures the mechanics of golf with under 10 colors and a one step stroke.

It captures the essence of golf, in a way even the most beautiful simulators don’t come close to.

Every ounce of my golf knowledge (about two ounces) is used playing this game. I’d bet it would challenge even the most seasoned golfer. I challenge my golfer friends (talking to you Tony Abbott) to play it. Hell, I want to see Tiger Woods on this thing.

I think they would agree.

Desert Golf is a shining example of how sometimes boiling something down to the bare essentials can be more compelling than modeling the entirety of Pebble Beach.

Golf is a very nuanced sport. The wind in the trees and the sun setting on the Pacific is an essential part of the experience. Desert Golf is a course designed by a maniacal asshole. It is designed to be frustrating in its simplicity.

Angles are fiendish, the arid desert floor is difficult to read, traps both reward and punish the bold, subtle hills make the timid weep.

Just like a real golf course.

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