Huge Demand for Travel and Tourism Courses

Travel and Tourism courses are in much vogue these days. The travel industry is undergoing a silent revolution wherein the high demand for manpower is fuelling the need for trained travel professionals. To overcome this gap, the Skylark Institute of Travel is leaving no stone unturned. It has set its eyes on the goal of addressing this peculiar need. It provides state-of-the-art infrastructure, the best faculty, the expert guidance of trained travel professionals and dedicated practical training to its students. This is the reason that the Institute is gradually making a name for itself in the travel and tourism domain.

Its IATA course is one of the most popular courses. Through it, students get to know about the ethics involved in the trade, the importance of performing as per the customers’ expectations, the importance of technology and the quality of work required from travel professionals, etc. Students also learn the nuances of Ticketing and Reservation System through the IATA course.

Career Options:

If a student obtains a degree in travel and tourism from a reputed institute, he/she is well equipped to work with travel agencies, hotels, at airports, other hospitality institutes, etc. The level of degree obtained differs as per the career chart of a person, but all the above job profiles need a basic subset of skills, and the expertise to multitask and engage in communication with customers.

Travel and tourism courses teach the concepts of business that are specific to this tourism industry. These study programs are usually taught in business colleges hospitality schools. Students can opt for a course in HR, facilities management, financial strategies or media relations. Many institutes of travel and tourism offer programs and internship facilities with leading airlines or companies involved in the hospitality sector.

Apart from the basic professional profiles, a travel professional can choose from the following job options:

- Travel agents 
- Lodging Manager
- Travel Coordinator

To conclude, it can be said that the professional courses, particularly the IATA course, equip the professionals with a set of skills that go a long way in providing a satisfying travel experience to customers.