Say ‘yes’ to IATA Certified Courses

Pursuing a course from a travel and tourism institute in Delhi should be a candidate’s first choice if he or she wants to join the aviation industry. There are many courses that come under aviation, such as Aviation tourism management, air hostess training, cabin crew, IATA foundation course, etc. The courses include a wide range of topics that teaches tourism students about the benefits of scaling customers’ expectations. They teach students about the practical nuances of the trade, and why technology plays a very crucial role in this sector. Arming themselves with the IATA qualification will help students in broadening their professional scope in many more domains. These include Airlines, Ticketing Travel Agencies, Cruise lines, Tour Operators, Car Rentals and Hotels. The worldwide acceptance of IATA makes the courses the most sought after.

What is IATA:
IATA signifies a world trade body having the main headquarters in Canada at Montreal. IATA has set some basic standards and practices which are recommended for airline operations. The body represents more than 229 airlines which consist of 91% of scheduled air traffic globally. It has many functions, one of which is training.

The main advantage of IATA Professional Courses is that they are recognized globally by world’s airlines and travel offices across the globe. There are several IATA programs for varied levels of airline operations and management. These include airline operations; marketing; safety; strategic management; accounting; fuel efficiency; and passenger fares & ticketing.

Air ticketing course in Delhi:
The Air ticketing course is a comprehensive, dynamic, career-oriented, and officially recognized study programme. IATA Foundation Course holds great importance as a global qualification. It is valid worldwide, and covers the following topics:

- IATA City Codes
- World Geography and IATA areas
- Introduction to IATA and Tourism
- Flight Booking & PNR Creation
- Airline Ticketing and CRS
- Automated/ E-Ticketing
- Air Fares and Ticketing
- Fare constructions
- Identifying journeys, Pricing journeys
- Refund
- Cancellation procedures
- Itinerary Planning
- Facilitation Management –Visas, Passport, & Insurance
- Land Transport — Rail, Road and Sea
- Customer Relationship and Service 
- Water Transport — Ferries & Cruises
- Practical and Assessments

Advantages of the course:
There are many benefits of pursuing IATA Professional Course from a professional institute. First of all, students get worldwide recognition for the IATA certificate. They get to live a life with rewarding career. The life is glamorous and luxurious with higher salaries. Students have a limitless scope to grow. They also get a lifetime chance to work with global offices of the airlines worldwide.

With IATA course, students can travel worldwide on FAM trips. There are special discounts available for their family members to travel. Students can even learn on the job and later start their own travel company.

Professional Avenues:
IATA course opens vast job avenues for aviation students. Students can work with Domestic and International Airlines. They can also opt for working at the Reservation Desk, as airport check-in staff, in Airline Offices worldwide, in Multi-National Travel Companies, in Travel Agencies and as Tour Operators. However, there is one condition. To avail all these benefits and work with some top names in the field, it is very important that students opt for top learning academies. Good institute in Airfare and ticketing institute in Delhi gives an added advantage to students over others.