New Age Spirituality

You Are Not Alone

(Alex Gray)

I’m a new age spiritualist. What does that mean? New Age Spirituality is a mix of many things. The practice is very individualized, consisting of meditation, the metaphysical, the exploration of knowledge, and that task of discovering one’s true self and the powers that they hold. This may be the very first time you’ve heard of new age spirituality or you maybe are one of the many thousands of people who know about new age spirituality, meditation, and metaphysical abilities. Throughout the world there are countless people who are alone in the fact that there’s no one who will understand, care, or know these other truths. Their family or community may even discourage or shun the ideas and experiences they’ve had, causing them to forget or give up on their own spiritual growth. Many walk in silence unable to share their experiences, unable to learn from others.

I was one of those people who had no one to talk to about my experiences. I didn’t talk to a lot of people at school about new age spiritual stuff out of fear of them thinking I was crazy. I met a few people who were open minded and thought that my experiences were interesting, but that’s the extent of people who I could talk to. I just want to know that you are not alone, and if this is new to you, there’s a whole world in which you can explore. I just ask that you try to keep an open mind.

How did I begin my own journey? I could say that it started when I attended a Private Christian school. Religion wasn’t giving me any answers, and the explanations of the universe and how it worked didn’t seem right. I started listening to a radio show at night called Coast to Coast AM starting around sixth grade. The radio show discusses topics like conspiracies, ghosts, UFOs, government, new medical fields, and of course spirituality and the metaphysical. I learned about and heard other people’s stories. Stories about meditation experiences, out of body experiences, stories about seeing apparitions and spirits, stories about people who can communicate with others and other entities with their mind. I learned tools on how to meditate. By the time I was in ninth grade I had the ability to see people’s auric fields. Some of the experiences and abilities that I’ve done or a learned include, meditative experiences, moments of intuition, seeing and communicating with deceased family members and or other entities, some good some bad; sending and receiving thoughts or images to other people, one instance of telepathy, a few out of body experiences, visualizing and feeling different types of energy’s in my environment, and perceiving energy fields or auras of people and plants and animals.

Here’s the best part, and if you’re by yourself with this knowledge and these abilities, you are not alone. And if you’re new to these ideas here is some food for thought.

I created a survey using Surveymonkey an online survey service. My survey consisted of six questions, with data collected from 30 participants. These are the questions that were on my survey.

“Have you ever meditated?” 19 said yes and 11 said no.

“Have you ever had a moment of intuition, as in you’ve known something before it’s happened?” 25 said yes and 5 said no.

“Have you ever picked up on someone’s vibes or intentions without even talking with them?” 19 said yes, 4 said no, and 7 said yes I am a natural empath and I can feel other people’s emotions.

“Have you ever had an experience that seemed paranormal or out of the ordinary?” 23 said yes and 7 said no.

“Have you ever seen a white light or colors surrounding someone while not being under the influence of substances?” 2 said yes, 17 said no, 8 said yes, I can perceive people’s Auras on occasion, and 3 said yes, but I can’t see them I can feel them.

“Have you ever had and out of body experience?” 10 said yes, and 20 said no.

Even if you feel like no one else in your community knows or cares about new age ideas and experiences, doesn’t mean as you’re all alone. Keep searching, listen to your intuition in regards to meeting someone who is spiritually aware. When you meet someone who is spiritually aware you both will have an instant connection. At least that’s what I’ve experienced

I would like to share with you one of my experiences. One night while I was meditating, my consciousness was split in two. Part of my consciousness was with me in my bed, and the other was someplace else. I saw myself as a body of light on a glowing bed! I stood up and noticed a huge white space. In this white space there hundreds of beings that look like glowing golden orbs. I knew in my mind these were beings. One being walked up to me, this being had a human form. We shared a conversation that a sadly cannot remember. After the meeting, I went to the center of the white space. I reached out my hand and thought of a flower and flower just popped out of my hand. I thought of as many different flowers as I could, each one appearing in my hand instantaneously. Then I put my glowing hand outward and raised it into the air. I made a building pop out of nowhere. This building looked like an old housing complex that you would find in New York City. I brought my hands up parallel one hand above my head, and the other in front of my chest. I clapped and the building flattened into a disk. I picked up this disk and put it into the white curved wall. I brought up a screen next. On this screen, I saw a hungry coyote walking amongst some brush. I took my index finger and pulled the very tip of my finger off and put it on my forehead. I gave it intention and I tossed it at the screen. On the screen, I saw the hungry coyote and then I saw a jackrabbit run right past the coyote. The coyote, of course, runs after the jackrabbit and catches it and has a meal. I was able to manifest a small part of myself as a jackrabbit for the hungry coyote.