Do angels exist?

This is a story about my friend. He is an amazing guy. How long do I know him? Well, I have known him since my 7th grade. How long was he my friend? Just a month and half.

Well, he and I were literally enemies. I thought he was too selfish and he didn’t respect girls. He was too bossy and a show-off. The list goes on. After we finished our school, we got into this huge fight over arranging a get together. I and he were the organizers. We got into financial trouble and he blamed me for it. He ended up paying the money but hey, if I had the money, I definitely would have pitched in.

So this happened light years ago. We never spoke after that. We never even bothered to check each other with our mutual friends. It was like we never even knew each other exist.

After about a solid 10 years of “I didn’t know you exist” phase, we got to talking, thanks to Facebook. We wanted to arrange another get together. This time it was different. He was considerate and polite. I thought maybe the guy was in my mind more than he actually was. So our conversations got personal and we started rambling about each others life. Well, me mostly on how messed up my life is.

He would end all conversations with this line: “Trust me! yours is nothing compared to mine”. I will point out to all the bad things that has happened to me just to win over his line but nothing seemed to work. I was getting frustrated cos we were again at the point where we are trying to win each other over with “Who has the biggest problem?”.

After so much of rambling and irritation of him saying me “Trust me!”, I asked what his problem is, that is so big that it cannot be beaten. For God’s sake, I am divorced, I lost my job, I am in depression and I am out of everything. He said, “You still get to live”. He was in his final stage of cancer.

He made me promise not to tell anyone. So I agreed. After all, it’s a dying man’s wish. He told me that even if everything is falling I should be happy that I get to live it. For him, it could be tomorrow that everything will vanish. I didn’t like the conversations that went on after that. He was talking like yogi while I tried fixing him up with some nice doctors and more.

He told me he doesn’t want pity, he doesn’t want to be treated differently cos he is dying. I agreed. So he became the person I talk to for advice. He gave good ones too. Probably, people who are going to die get this kind of wisdom imparted. I don’t know but he made sure I understand my problems are all petty issues.

He used to say, “so what you are divorced! at least you got to marry once. imagine me”. So ya, I always told him that if I could, I will trade my life with him. He said if it can really be done, then I would be saying a no. He was right. If I will get a chance to swap my life, I would not do it cos I want to live. Then he used to say me to stop complaining and move ahead.

It was one day when he jokingly said,”If I die and if I get to become a ghost, I will definitely come to make sure you get a good life”. Exactly 15 days later, he died.

He told me the new drug worked and he is feeling way better. He told me he is going to a new city to find a new job and start living. He told me he will go over there and call me. That stupid bastard knew he was going to die and didn’t want me to know that, knowing I will go to see him. I was angry at him for long. His hangout sign was online and I used to ping him just to check if the service was available in heaven. I missed him so much.

It’s been 3 years now and my life has become a lot, lot better. Also, I am still living. I think of him every time something good happens to me. It’s as if he is keeping up his promise. I feel it. So maybe, angels do exist.

Raj is his name and when he told me he is going to die, he asked me to keep up with 2 promises. one was to live and stop complaining cos I ain’t dying anytime sooner. The second was to make sure I continue his charity work of helping a orphan girls organization.

It made me realize that to think of him as something he is not just because he appeared to be, it is wrong. I got this profound respect for him. I promised him both. I got out of my depression, I am working my way to the “live” part. I promise him that I will make sure I volunteer and continue his charity work.

That one and a half month changed me and I love you Raj for that. You will never be forgotten and I will do what you asked me to do to the dot. RIP