7 Easy Ways To Make Magento Website Development India Faster

Skyler Kate
Apr 6 · 5 min read

If the bounce rate of your website is high then it definitely results in the loss of your customers, users and audience as well. Well, for this cause, Magento performance optimization has great importance. It is one of the best ways to maintain customer satisfaction.

Initially, start by looking at the reasons for the poor performance of your website. The main reason is the size. Based on statistics there has been more than a 25% increment in the web page size. This means that businesses are using lots of content on the websites. Due to this, the loading time of the website slows down very fast.

Many thanks to the speed optimization feature provided available in Magento. It has become a necessity most importantly for eCommerce websites. As an eCommerce business owner, you must optimize your portal or website to stay ahead of your competitors. In order to achieve success in e-comm via Magento it is necessary to make your website with the help of the best Magento web developers.

You must remember the fact the most visitors leave a website either eCommerce or others if it’s load time more than 3 seconds. Hence it is very necessary to know how to boost the website development to keep the customer engaged and turn them in potential customers.

You can use Magento to easily customize content, functionality and look of the web store. Also, it provides robust tools to boost up the speed for catalogue management, digital marketing and SEO. There are several ways to make Magento website development faster 7 best ways are described in this writing.

Let’s start looking at these 7 ways:

Implement Caching

In order to speed-up the Magento app development implements a variety of caching. Caching system reduces the load time and the response time of the server. The eCommerce platforms come with various built-in support and modules 3rd party caching solutions.

Hence, it is very easy to implement expire headers, page caching and browser caching. Also, you can configure and install cache just by utilizing robust tools such as Varnish, Memcached, Redis and APC.

These are very core technical things so it is a good choice to contact a professional best Magento eCommerce services platform for the online store.

Enable flat catalogue

Magento saves the information of product and customer depends on the entity attribute value (EAV) model. When you enable the flat catalogue, the data of customer or product will be merged into a single table.

This merger will enable the app to respond faster to MySQL queries. So, in this way, it becomes easy to enhance the Magento application by enabling flat catalogue for various categories of products.

Use the latest version

With the frequent releases of various versions of Magento, the offshore Magento development India agencies prefer to use community edition or enterprise edition.

They prefer to use only the latest version of the technology, because with the release of every version you will take better features and improved security checks, so it is always beneficial to do upgrades with the latest version. Always implement the latest version with the help of experts in a manner to remove all mistakes.

Remove unused extensions and modules

It is very easy to add various functional features to Magento applications by using various extensions and modules. But each extension takes the place on the server and affects the performance by loading extra JavaScript and CSS files, HTTP requests. So, it is necessary to find out the relevant and necessary extensions included in the web store.

Only a professional Magento development firm can make it sure that about the required extensions for your eCommerce store and help to enhance the performance of your website.

Use CDN (Content Delivery Networks)

A Content Delivery Network as a system of distributed servers, loads web pages depends on the current geo-location of the user. On shared servers, it saves a copy of the website and delivers the content to the specific users from the server nearest to him. By delivering static content via CDNs a firm of Magento development in India increases the speed of your eCommerce store. An array of CDNs is available so you can choose them according to the precise needs of your application.

Take a better hosting plan

Always choose a trusted and reliable hosting service provider and avoid getting into the trap of cheap hosting services. Because having a cheap hosting service always increase the operational cost and reduces the performance of the website when the number of users increases. It should be the initial step and also should be monitored under the expert supervision of a company providing Magento website design India services.

Minify and Merge JavaScript and CSS

Often CSS and JavaScript increase the loading time of the web pages by sending extra HTTP requests to the web server. You can decrease the number of these requests by combining CSS and JavaScript files. Magento offers specific choices to merge CSS and JS files. You can easily enable the option to merge these files automatically. Additionally, you can use specific extensions to minify the CSS and JS files. Definitely, these extensions will boost the website speed by removing whitespace from the coding.


With regards to an eCommerce business, the final motive is sales and higher ROI. Optimizing a Magento website is not an easy task to perform and having good speed for better performance businesses need to connect with professional agencies offering Magento website development India. Only the professionals know how to increase performance and increase your business profits.

Connect with a Magento eCommerce website development company offering the professional services at the best possible prices.

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