Why I’m Here.

I am here.

I am here existing because I was meant to.

I am here being because that is all that I can do.

I am here.

Why —

I am here because I am always learning how to be better. Because I am consistently a student of life- with God as my teacher- my mentor- and my spirit — to help serve. Because I have purpose.

Because I have purpose that I have yet to know of.

I like simplicity; so why don’t I keep it that way?

I am here to use my experience and my desires and inward feelings to go outward — to act inside of myself loud / bold enough to come outside of myself and make change that is everlasting — because of me.

I am here to not know what the hell I’m doing — and to do it — despite everything.

Despite everything that feels too much.

Despite everything that makes me feel like I am not enough — or too much.

Despite everything — every shadow that shames me for living in and being the sun — I will live boldly — in all of the ways that I want to.

I will rise like the sun upon my horizon of unknowingness and be seen for the first beginning times

I am here to rise and be seen as the flame that I am.

And if I hold myself to what feels right and wanted — I will get it.

By hell in heaven on Earth, I am here.

And I will be.

Because I am.

I am stimulating enough

To be here and present.

This life is precious enough — to deserve my fullness.