Your NonObligation.

You are completely able & righteous in your being.

To say no,

Or to drop everything and say yes.

To say yes,

and to Savor in your experience.

To accept, and to allow yourself to feel all of the wholeness that comes from your being whole.

You are wholly capable and honored in your decision to decline- and to accept.

You are completely held in your process.

To change your mind,

To be going through a whirlwind,

To go slow — It is your right.

It is your right to tell people to do something. 
It is your right to tell people to abide by something.

Your somethings — are magic. To be abided by

And to be encouraged by

It is your right.

To bridge the gap of knowing and of non- understanding with an I Don’t Know.

It’s your job — as it is your right — to be

The being that you are

And that which you are encompassed by.

It is your right — you are right — in your stature of saying no or of saying yes

Of being malleable changeable and flexible — of being spacious

That is your honor to grace.

And please. Smile — in gratitude — of everything that’s here.

You are enough — to stand up — to be you

And to be with me.