Erotic Massage Salon

Erotic massage — is a fabulous relaxation which magnificently combines both erotic and massage! Extensive training enables the therapist to take a thorough history, identify contraindications (reasons to not massage) and make referrals to and receive referrals from other health professionals such as physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors and dentists.

Everyone knows it’s important to manage stress: we get a constant stream of headlines describing how stress makes you more vulnerable to weight gain and chronic best spa massage disease, shortens your life, triggers Irritable Bowel Syndrome , causes autoimmune disease flares, and basically everything else horrible in the world.

Our elegant and mesmeric Masseuses frequent the Finest Hotels in central London, hence, they act appropriately, dress conservatively so as not to draw erotic massage attention to themselves and go directly to your room with all the Peachy materials (massage oil, candles, music) discreetly placed in their bags.

Other research discovered that hypertensive patients receiving reflexology treatments specifically targeted at reflexes to reduce blood pressure enjoyed so types of massage much improvement in their symptoms that they were able to reduce dosages of their high blood pressure medications while undergoing the massage therapy! For more informaiton, please visit our site