$200 OFF — Falcon 180 Racing Drone

The Falcon 180 racing drone comes ready-to-fly out of the box, with only basic installations required. The Falcon 180 drone is popular amongst drone hobbyist looking for a fast, dynamic, and incredibly sharp racing drone, as well as a great acrobatic and hobby drone that can be flown outdoors, as well as in open indoor areas. Unique about the Falcon 180 is that it features an anti-vibration plate installed on the top of its ultra-light full carbon fibre drone racing body frame, enabling extra steady and clear live footage from its 700TVL adjustable FPV 3D HD augmented virtual reality camera. It also features high-performance 2204 2300KV drone racing motors that are well protected by integrated drone motor protective barriers. The Falcon 180 racing drone also comes equipped with an LED panel, making for a delightful night flight. Last but not least, the Falcon 180 comes with the latest, state-of-the-art drone racing firmware, from its flight controller, receiver, to electronic speed controllers (ESC).

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