VRIQ Score Breakdown

Spoiler Alert: Don’t read this unless you’ve already played VRIQ since this page reveals the answers.

The data showed 2 peaks at a score of 15 and 22.

For 2 points, the test used voice recognition to detect two different words. We hypothesize there was such a large number of 22 scores because these points were missed, and the reason is twofold. First, thinking to say a word out loud represents a difficult challenge in logical reasoning. Second, voice recognition is still quite flawed with high fail rates, making it likely that some users said the right words but got no result, and thus gave up on that line of inquiry.

The peak at 15 (and cluster on either side of it) is likely to do with the “press every combination of buttons” challenge. A point was scored for each unique combination of button presses on the trigger and touchpad (grip for Oculus). A user who did not discover and recognize this pattern would have been unlikely to score the 4 points associated with 3 button presses, the point associated with 4 button presses, and 2–4 of the points associated with two button presses.

Thus, the two peaks correspond to solving of different reasoning challenges. A score above 22 required both solving the button challenge and the vocal challenges in addition to the other challenges. Likewise failure to solve the button challenge left many users around a score of 15. Of course, we do not have the hard data on this, so these are only conjectures.

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