On Preserving Human Memory: Evernote Founder’s Impossible Mission

Evernote came highly recommended by the folks at the Apple Store. I have not used it… not knowing quite what to do with it. I am always collecting tidbits of information. With a less than perfect memory.. recording information and being able to find it later has always been important but yet a problem for me. I have used Microsoft Notes periodically but I find it amorphous and lacking the hooks necessary to retrieve information once you have recorded it. To find the information once it is recorded I have to power through the records in a linear fashion and hope that I will recognize it when I see it. I also use Notes (the Apple App) on my Apple devices but again these are just lists of info entries … recorded but not easily retreived. Also this app suffers in that the operating system, as it gets upgraded over time, causes the Notes to copy themselves and causing the info entries to multiply ad hoc leaving info lists of varying length but containing mostly the same entries.

With reading this article I now have “signified” Evernote in a way that I will never forget. It now has “hooks” that define it in time and space. It is now installed in my “memory space” and is now “mine” in a way it never was before.

Thank you for giving “meaning” to Evernote. I will now use it going forward in building my own intellectual “memory”.

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