The Death of Drupal Commerce as an Ecommerce Solution
Justin Emond

In the lower-end market, I find your comparison between Drupal Commerce and popular eCommerce platforms is irrelevant. Drupal Commerce doesn’t compete with SaaS platforms. Drupal Commerce can be used to make SaaS platforms. Your best shot is to say: there is no eCommerce SaaS platforms built on Drupal Commerce yet.

You were arguing that the split between and CommerceGuys weakened the corporate support on Drupal Commerce. However, you failed to supply any reasoning or facts. Google Inc. to Alphabet Inc. transition was also a textbook strategy from economics of organization that broke the large organization into many self-governed and more efficient smaller units. But, do you call the future of Google Search is unclear? In my opinion, the split just offers CommerceGuys the focus they need to take Drupal Commerce to the next level.

You were saying Drupal Commerce depending on Drupal makes CommerceGuys forced to cycle the whole development every a few years and therefore the disruption would tire the dev team. We know in technology, either your product disrupts the market, or your will be disrupted. Drupal Commerce re-writing itself once a few years can make them more likely stay relevant to the market. Software innovation often comes from bottom to top. Drupal Commerce embracing it doesn’t make them any less capable of delivering and maturing.

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