Hello, everyone!

Yesterday I gave you short signal which successfully reached target. Now I found the long signal, it has not confirmation with the divergence, but the price is testing the Demand Zone. The price can show us the reaction with the bounce. Moreover the bullish hammer candlestick pattern was formed next to this area.

The take profit should be set at the Supply Zone. The trade attribute are following:

Buy level: current price ($48930)
Take profit: $51500
Stop-loss: $47642

Hello ,everyone!

The Awesome Oscillator is the very powerful indicator, which can help to define the true market movement direction. Bill Williams used this indicator as part of the Trading Chaos system. He distinguish 3 types of signals. In this article we consider only long signals. Short signals looks like…

Hello, everyone!

Bitcoin is forming the Symmetrical Triangle pattern. I am sure that all traders see it. Whales with 99% probability will manipulate the market using this pattern.

Because everybody now is scared of further dump it is obvious that whales will scare the market even more to take your…

Hello, traders!

This is a cheat sheet for divergences defining between the price and oscillator. As the oscillator the RSI , Stochastic, MFI, CCI, MACD and other indicators can be used.

Regular Bullish Divergence
The price shows lower lows, oscillator — higher lows. This is the sign of downtrend weakness and…


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