An anonymous asker on another site asked me how I knew I was trans. They’d been struggling with gender recently, running into the thorny parts, the uncomfortable parts, and they reached out and asked a question.

This answer is for them. This answer is for everyone who wonders, who struggles. I hope it’s useful for cis people too? But I’m not really talking to you all right now.

How did I know?

Short answer: I didn’t. Not at first.

There’s a stereotype of the Normal Trans Experience — a young trans girl has always known she’s a girl, tried on…

Greetings and defiance.

I woke this morning to a declaration from the white house that you supported the LGBTQ community. You declared that you stood behind the orders of President Obama on the matter, that you would “protect” us from “violence and oppression”.

I am writing this letter to call bullshit. Your words mean nothing, your actions over the last ten days and your choice of advisors and vice president says everything. You do not support me or my community. You promote violence and oppression against the LGBTQ community. You are the person we need protection from.

As a trans…

Danielle Skysdottir

Trans woman, feminist, angry liberal. Might be a robot.

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