City lights — part 1

A walk down King and a quick hike up 3rd,

Dodging the giants in the theatre of the absurd,

The aromas of bacon wrapped sausage,

Animated discussions about dragons and Dinklage,

The doppler of the Muni barely subsiding,

A free left turn, that Lyft Line was not endearing,

Horns and middle fingers, fuck yous to go,

Thoughts and a pedestrian — nearly as slow,

A tapestry of startup lives, hoodies and backpacks,

The pavement of iffy liquids and brass tacks,

Conference calls lead with sorry, could you repeat that?

An attach orchestrated with code, motivation and stat,

The sirens bellow through the air, are we in NY yet?

Well actually, per square foot is higher than when we met,

Rents so high that co-working spaces are an answer,

The summer — a time for shorts and a sweater

Gameday cheers, $38 for parking,

What part of this are we not believing?

Friends form south bay — a frequent tribe,

Between Asian fusion, you have to feel the vibe