The 3 things I learnt at a writing workshop organized by the Hustle and Medium

So Medium raised 57 Million USD. They have also become the de facto writing medium of choice in 4 out of the 5 people surveyed for this article (one of them might have been a cat). The Hustle keeps churning out stories that are less stories and more spectacles. Priceonomics is a beautiful composition of number whiz and word smiths producing a glorious article-gasm for days. Naturebox is what you should get on before the chocolate covered pretzels eventually make you realize that mom jeans are all you have left. All 4 of these entities combined at a place called Monkey Inferno — which, as of right now, I have no idea what it does. So here’s what I learnt —

1/ Ask people how they got there — Whenever you are in a diverse group, you learn a ton more than you would have otherwise. Half the people I talked to worked in functions that I had no idea about. I wanted to know how they came together to find this workshop — and woah — 10 new mailing lists and Facebook groups that will undoubtedly lead to more such cool events.

ProTip: Ask how people got there. The answers will be inherently useful to you down the line. On a philosophical level, this also works for life :)

2/ Sitting down without Wi-Fi — Given the stream of distractions you have to deal with in your life, sitting down without Wi-Fi is a gift. Focusing on the task at hand is a valuable skill, one that is getting eroded with the stream of popups, dings and unread notifications. You need to only look at techniques like the pomodoro extolling the virtues of focus. You get a lot more done just by sitting down and focusing. Even if you had a train to catch and could only sit down for 20 minutes — getting your thoughts on paper is way better than the alternative (of doing nothing)

3/ Presentations and Powerpoints — Hate on them as much as you want but watching a good presentation is an education unto itself. The workshop was run really well and the presentation was taut, meaningful and most importantly — helpful for the future.