The abject power of looking away

Persevering is revered. So is the all knowing afterglow of a decision gone right. Going through hell, seems like the kind of journey you should be happy to be on.

Looking forward is extolled as a virtue. If you can predict things, you are awesome. If you cannot, well — join the rest of us.

Looking behind is a virtue too. You are more often than not considered a person of quiet reflection. Someone who looks inwards and is not afraid to go deep

Looking sideways is almost a competitive sport. How do you keep in touch with your peers? How do you go through a rigorous stage of making yourself better. How do you become best peer you ever had.

Look away now mofo

Looking away gets a bad rap. Its analogous to — fuck it. I do not care enough to see this all the way through. Or I do not care to stick with this. But its hard to stick to something. Its harder yet to give up.

If you are reading this, you probably have a base idea of where your life took a detour. Its not concrete but by all measurable parameters, you should be happy. Sadly, you are not.

To you, trying to look forward — you can’t. Predictions are great and trying to see around the corners are awesome. Unfortunately, if they worked half as well as advertised, you would be a billionaire having your robot alexa/siri hybrid reading you this article. So, in short, you can’t.

Looking behind is hard to decouple with regrets. And regret make you sad. And we have enough sadness in the world. Just look around you. Unfulfilled potential, half chances and changes you wish you had made earlier. I mean Bitcoin at $3k for fucks sake. Every time you look behind, it is staring at a garbage fire of a poorly thought through decision.

Looking sideways is almost a sin when you rely on the scriptures. Jealousy, neighborly desires and all that. It is literally the one thing that all the religions agree on. So, definitely don’t do that.

Well, with most directions closed, what can you do? You can look away. Just don’t care that much. It won’t matter in the long run. It certainly isn’t enough to lose sleep over. Sure people depend on you and I trust that you are not going to lose all reason to care and become depressed. But aside from the things that keep you human, you cant care as much.

Look away, look away like no one’s watching
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